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Peter Rhodes

Peter Rhodes
Intercontinental Cannabis Corporation

Peter is a highly experienced investment and project execution professional in the medicinal cannabis and natural resources sectors. A Chartered Accountant and member of the Cannabis Industries Association of Zimbabwe, Peter is excited by Africa’s growing role in the global medicinal cannabis sector. As a pioneer in the emerging cannabis trading industry, Peter is confident that Africa will be the world’s leading medicinal cannabis production hub due to its significant production cost advantages. Peter is the Chief Executive Officer of Intercontinental Cannabis Corporation, a business building a portfolio of extremely low cost but high-quality medicinal cannabis projects across Africa and concurrently establishing the world’s preeminent medicinal cannabis trading business. Peter is also a Director for Altum Connect, a leading cannabis distribution and marketing partner in Asia Pacific and a business development manager for Little Green Pharma, Australia’s first medicinal cannabis company selling Australian grown medicinal cannabis products in Australia.

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